Eifman Ballet “Anna Karenina” (at London Coliseum)

Today’s photo shoot warm up is brought to you by @jaredleto and @30secondstomars. Thank you for your wonderful music.

#englishnationalballet #enbemerging #photoshoot #jaredleto (at English National Ballet)

Today’s photo shoot warm up is brought to you by @jaredleto…thank you for your wonderful music!

#enbemerging #jaredleto #ballet (at English National Ballet)

What is it about ballet?
Part 3:

What is it about ballet?
Part 1:

I tried to steal this little one this morning on the tube, but the owner didn’t like that idea very much…

Rehearsals for Emerging Dancer began to increase this week. It’s time to convince myself and the world that I am capable of being a classical ballet dancer. Let the work begin.

Views from Jay Mews.
There’s nothing better than a beautiful view of the sky… (at English National Ballet)

#throwbackthursday #tbt to the days when all I wanted for Christmas were my two front teeth.

Listen Earth…

I made a new friend today.

Coconut water and coffee??? #YouHadMeAtHello

Fear Nada

Sorry @boada75, you know I had to steal this one…

Class>DUST rehearsal>emerging dancer rehearsal>break>and performance.
It’s another full day! (at Barbican Centre)

Tonight was one of the most important moments of my career. Tonight English National Ballet opened it’s program Lest We Forget. I simply can not put into words how truly moving it was to finally share all of our hard work with an audience. To be a part of so many new works is always exciting on some level, but this time was different. This time the new works were created with such a clear purpose. To choose World War One as this program’s focus was a bold step by Tamara; however, tonight proved that it was without a doubt the right step. I truly feel that we not only brought English National Ballet to a new level, but I also feel that this program will be an important mark in dance history. I can’t express enough how grateful I am to be with Tamara and English National Ballet during this very special time.

#ENBLestWeForget #EnglishNationalBallet (at Barbican Centre)