Enjoying a little 10PM studio stretch time.
It sure is convenient to live right above ballet studios.
#MadForItaly (at Il Balletto Scuola Di Danza)

Exploring Castelfranco Vento! (at Castelfranco Veneto)

NYC —> Italy ✔️
😊 (at Aeroporto Marco Polo di Venezia)

Thanks for all the love @ballerinaproject_ !

It was hard to get myself out of bed this morning, but I’m glad I did because today was my second and last class with ABT. I took Nancy Bielski’s class for the first time. It was such a great class and exactly what I needed! I haven’t had to move that fast in a very long time. (at American Ballet Theatre)

It’s a beautiful day in NYC! (at Union Square Park)

#whitagram (at American Ballet Theatre)

I’m very grateful that ABT let me take class a couple of times his week (purely for fun and to stay in shape, not as an audition, of course 😉)! It’s the first time that I’ve been to their studios, and it as very nice to see everything from the inside! It’s always interesting to see how different companies work. (at American Ballet Theatre)

I’m so excited that my @FLXBody products arrived! If you don’t know about them, you should definitely check out the URL here ➡️ www.flxbody.com

#Flexistretcher #FLX #FLXBody #ballet #stretching #MakeMeFlexiblePlease!

Flying back to NYC from Jacksonville!
It was a short, but great trip to see my mom!

I would like to introduce you all to the best baby in the entire world. This is my uncle’s beautiful baby girl, Arya! She is the most well-behaved, intelligent, and beautiful baby!!!

Our first stop had to be some good New York pizza! 👍👍😊 (at VI Pizza)

Why, thank you! (at John F. Kennedy International Airport)

Long plane rides are always a good way to catch up on films…
I am so happy that I finally got to see “August: Osage County”. This is a movie filled with great actors giving outstanding performances. I just finished it and I already want to watch it again! Now that is what I call true acting!!!

London 🔜 New York